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Advanced Ropeworking

By L. Popple


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Published date:
First published 1959-reprinted 1978

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This is a thoroughly practical guide, dealing with the finer art of rigging and ropeworking so that the professional seaman or rigger can still practise the old skill for their own satisfaction, and the painstaking seaman or yachtsman can turn out some natty work.


  • A Note on Cordage
  • Knotting Note
  • Tool
  • The Bows Fender
  • Preparing and Arranging Jacket
  • Cross-pointing
  • Securing ends and Introducing Wire Grommet
  • The Boat's Fender
  • The Disc Fender
  • A Note on the Rigging Bench
  • The Turk's Head Fender
  • Making and Affixing the Boat's Rubber
  • On Point and Becket
  • Preparing Hawser End
  • Preparing and Attenuating the Large Strand
  • Heaving Home a Large Strand
  • Entering a Large Strand
  • Affixing Rawhide to Towing Pendant
  • The Rope Shackle or Chest Handle
  • The Rope Shackle
  • Coachwhipping
  • Rope Shackle or Chest Handle
  • Ringbolt Hitching
  • The Rope Shackle
  • Chest Handle
  • The Painter's Whipping