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The Basil Lubbock People

Most booklovers and book dealers have for many years been familiar with various editions of Brown, Son and Ferguson's books on sailing ships, in particular those by Basil Lubbock. Handsomely produced and beautifully illustrated, the titles have often remained in print for very long periods, classic records in an increasing nostalgic field. In particular, they are famous for one notable characteristic - they can often be sold for higher prices second-hand than they are priced new. This is due not to profiteering but to the fact that many booksellers are unaware of just how many of the publisher's books are still in print. They have an old-fashioned, quality feel that seems to come from a more leisurely age.

Amongst the more famous Lubbock titles, many of which are still in print, are The Colonial Clippers, The China Clippers, The Last of the Windjammers and The Log of the Cutty Sark. The other major author represented is Harold A. Underhill, whose standard works include Masting and Rigging, Sailing Ship Rigs and Rigging and Plank-on-frame Models. A list of the nautical works in print can be obtained from Glasgow.

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