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Applied Physics

By J.H. Clough-Smith


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Published date:
First published 1957-5th edition 1994

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Notes and Examples in SI Units for Students of Nautical Science

This 5th edition contains many changes from previous editions, with the removal of many obsolete units and their replacement with S.I. units.

Some chapters have been almost completely rewritten whilst others have had new additional material added. The book as in previous editions does not claim to be a general textbook on physics, or mechanics, or hydrostatics but is written with a view to cover the syllabus of General Science for the examinations of Deck Officer Class 3 certificate.

There are 28 chapters covering Statics - Hydrostatics - Dynamics - Heat - Light - Sound -Magnetism and Electricity. Worked examples are demonstrated and past examination questions are to be found at the end of each chapter. The book as it now stands will be found suitable for all readers studying for the Applied Science and Mathematics examinations.