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At The Sharp End!

By George H. Parker


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First published 1992

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This book is about the Building and Repairing of Ships - Passenger Liners, Warships, Tankers, Cargo Liners, Drilling Rigs and many others - on the Tay, on the Clyde, on the three rivers of the North East Coast of England and elsewhere in the U.K.

George Parker is the third generation of his family to embark on a shipbuilding career and has written of the industry that he loves, from the "inside".

The early chapters briefly chart his grandfather's and father's progress in the industry and these are illustrated by ships of the period.

The main section of the book traces the author's own career from apprenticeship to managing director - in the latter position working first in the private sector and later in the public sector. A number of illustrations are incorporated including the launch of QE2 together with many other distinguished Merchant and Naval vessels.

The book provides an insight into Shipbuilding Labour Relations as well as pointing to a number of reasons for the accelerating decline of the industry commencing in the '50s.

This autobiography abounds with amusing stories and incidents which illuminate the dramas, joys and sorrows of working in this once-great industry.