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Bernard's Nautical Star Chart ***REVISED - March 2024***

By Brown, Son & Ferguson Ltd.


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Published date:
First published 1907, Revised 2024

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*** Revised Edition, Available March 2024 ***

Star Chart with a Companion Booklet of Astronomical Information

Bernard’s Nautical Star Chart is now produced in two parts; the Chart, which can be supplied folded or rolled up, and a Booklet.

The Chart is constructed on Mercator’s Principle, showing all Navigating stars from 70︠° North and 70° South declination.  Specially adapted for use in conjunction with Brown’s Nautical Almanac, selected stars precise location are detailed in the book.

The Booklet contains a variety of information including notes on the solar system & star positions, tables of corrections & abbreviations, and notations & symbols used in astronomy.

Brown's Nautical Almanac can be found here.