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Bully Hayes - South Sea Pirate

By Basil Lubbock


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Published date:
First published 1931-2nd edition 1991

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An attempt to gather up and straighten out the kinked-up strands in the strange life-line of that notorious South Sea adventurer, Captain William Henry Hayes was forced upon Basil Lubbock by a series of coincidences, each one of which has contributed some item of interest or evidence.

Bully Hayes was in truth an unusual man, stronger and yet weaker, more attractive and yet more despicable, more trustworthy and yet at the same time more traitorous than the generality of humans, full of good impulses, he possessed a wild uncontrollable temper which accounted for most of his misfortunes.

Unable to run straight Bully Hayes had a voracious appetite for a slim deal overlaid his whole nature. Yet there was something heroic in his spirit which atoned at least for a few of his faults. A leader of a motley gang of ex-convicts, head-hunters, beachcombers, blackbirders and renegade harpooners this adventurous life gives a glimpse of the South Seas as they were before the heavy hands of the great powers had fallen upon them.

As part of the romance of the South Seas, William Henry Hayes was in the thick of it.

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