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Business and Law for the Mariner

By Captain I. R. Salter


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Published date:
April 2015; Revised March 2016

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We are pleased to announce that this book is available in a digital format from the following suppliers:

Bogerd Martin : Chart Track NavReader 

Marine Society & Sea Cadets : MS SeaReader

Navtor Nautic : Navstation

StormGeo : s-Planner | Publications

Todd Navigation : SeaReader

Weilbach : WENDIS SeaReader


The purpose of this book is to inform mariners about the law.

  • What law applies to the mariner.
  • How it applies to the ship and its cargo.
  • How the cargo and the ship are insured.
  • What the mariner will need to consider in an emergency.
  • What the mariner will need to consider to help protect the owner of the vessel.
  • How to employ seamen and what needs are to be provided for their care and their return home.


This should help mariners in their studies to become masters on the vessels they serve upon, and once masters will also assist them in making the business decisions masters are so often called upon to make.