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Coolie Ships and Oil Sailers

By Basil Lubbock


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Published date:
Reprinted 1981

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This book by Basil Lubbock gives a vivid description of two specialised phases of the old sea life in sailing ships. There is still a number of old seamen scattered about the world who knew the fine full-rigged ships of Sandbach Tinne & Co., and James Nourse, and the great four-masters of the Anglo-American Oil Co.

The book starts with a short sketch of the West African slave traffic, whose horrors form a strong contrast to the humane and carefully controlled coolie trade. It ends with an account of the "Horse and Cart" (Navahoe) of the Atlantic, which, but for an unhappy mischance, might have reached the sinking Titanic before any other vessel. Fifty-six illustrations form an important part of the volume.

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