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Cordage and Cables

By Captain P.J. Stopford


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Published date:
First published 1925-2nd edition reprinted 1987

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This work, which is very fully illustrated, covers the manufacture of all kinds of rope, including wire rope, their care, and full description of bends, hitches and knots and splices; pointing, seizing, etc. Sennit and netmaking and mending are fully dealt with. All about blocks, tackle and purchases, derricks, boat falls and slings, hoisting and use of boat ropes, laying out hawsers, securing a vessel alongside wharves, etc., as well as towing.

Part II covers all about anchors and cables, stowage of anchors, cable holders and capstans, mooring, laying out anchors, kedging, etc.

The book is a comprehensive work on the above subjects and will be found of practical use to the Merchant Service Officer.