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Four Captains

By Captain G. V. Clark.


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First published 1975

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Time is a strange factor, influencing every facet of our lives, and our inability to realise its quicksilver qualities make it difficult if not impossible for us to relate the present to the future. And to complicate still further a subject already complicated enough, the different outlook of Youth and Age (in which Time is surely the prime factor!) also enters. For example, in 1925, when I was a young man, there were many thousands of seamen in their sixties and seventies, who had gone to sea in the heyday of Sail, who would have been only too glad to give anyone the story of their sea careers-for I think most of us like to yarn about our lives. The trouble was, there was none who wanted to listen, for few of their landsman contemporaries were interested, and the youngsters, of whom I was one, were too much concerned with the present and - more vaguely - the golden future, to listen to old-timers rambling about the dead past.

It was only when I was much older that I began to get yarns from old seamen and of course by then the really good yarns of sea life in the 1860's and 1870's were no longer available. So I consider myself wonderfully lucky to rescue from oblivion the stories contained in this book.