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How to Make Old Time Ship Models

By E. W. Hobbs


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First published 1929-3rd edition revised 1972

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The vogue for medieval ship models prompted Mr. Hobbs to write this book so that all those who may have an interest in these decorative vessels may indulge in the hobby. As in the book on Clipper Models, the work of cardboard modelling is first explained, then the craft is taught by easy stages until the finest models are described.

The following are the chapter subjects:-Some Famous Old Ships · Building Old-Time Ship Models · Making a Waterline Model of a Carrack · Making Scenic Models · Hulls and their Construction · Modelling the Royal Albert · The Hull and Stand · Building the Stern Gallery · Making the Masts and Spars · Deck Fittings · The Standing Rigging · Sails and Sailmaking · Running Rigging · Painting and Finishing · Repairs and Restorations. The illustrations are from actual photographs of work in progress and the plans are large, folded to fit pocket at end of book.