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Knots, Splices and Fancy Work

By C.L. Spencer


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First published 1934-5th edition revised and reprinted 1997.

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There was a danger that much of the Fancy Work would be lost altogether. This book is an effort to preserve it.

Of late years a false standard of smartness seems to have been set up. It consists in scrubbing decks and polishing brasswork. These are all very well but are jobs that can be done by anyone. Good rope work is a sailor's job.

This text-book gives in detail: Whipping, Spindle Eye, Bottle Knot, Catspaw, Lashing, Plaits, Sennit, Gaskets, Grommet, Splices, Hitches, Turk's Head, Russian Mat, Double Carrick Sennit, just to mention a few of the contents.

This grand work is amply illustrated and will be an invaluable guide to those who have the salt of the sea in them.

A considerable amount of new material has been introduced.