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Magnetic Compass Deviation and Correction

By W. Deene


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Published date:
First published 1951-3rd edition 1979, Reprinted 2011

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Bibliographic Notes

In addition to dealing with the properties of magnets and the earth's magnetism, three chapters are devoted to the magnetism of the ship, the third explaining in detail the reason for, and composition of, the "nine rods". The relation of the components P, Q and R and the rods to the various coefficients are fully explained. This publication has a great deal of hitherto unpublished information.

There are about 70 diagrams, a few in colour, to simplify the matter in the text.



  • Definitions of Terms
  • Tables of Symbols and their Meanings
  • Table of Formulae and Laws Introduction
  • Space and Vector Diagrams
  • Parallelogram and Triangle of Forces
  • Trigonometrical Ratios
  • Magnetism
  • General
  • Fundamental Facts of Magnetism
  • The Earth's Magnetism
  • Magnetic Measurements
  • The Ship's Magnetism
  • Preliminary
  • The Ship's Permanent Magnetism
  • The Ship's Induced Magnetism
  • The Theory of the Deviations of the Compass
  • Transformation of Equations (4) and (5)
  • Deviations in Terms of the Compass Course
  • Healing Error
  • Analysis of Deviations
  • Theory of the Mechanical Correction of the Compass
  • The Mechanical Correction of the Compass. Worked Examples.


In addition to Compass Adjusters, the book will be of invaluable assistance to Lecturers and Teachers, Candidates for Certificates of Competency as Extra Master and Master and others interested in the subject.

It is the standard work and is also used in the Examination Rooms.