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Marline Spike Seamanship

By L. Popple


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Published date:
First published 1946-reprinted 1981-revised 2nd edition 1994

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A fully illustrated work by a professional rigger, covering:-

  • Tools
  • Marline-Spike
  • Knotting
  • Serving
  • Worming
  • Parcel and Whippings
  • Spunyarn for Serving
  • Joining
  • Under and Over Style Splicing
  • Splicing Extra Special Wire
  • Preparing Wire Hawser or Towing Eye and Attenuation
  • Liverpool-styled Eye-Splice
  • Short Splice: Reduced Eye
  • Flemish Eye
  • Cut Splice
  • Long Splice
  • Wire Seizings
  • Span Making
  • Stropping Blocks
  • Wire Net Making
  • Jumping Ladders
  • Stranding Wire Rope
  • Grommet Making
  • Lifting Band, etc.