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Mathematical Notes and Examples for Second Mates

By A.C. Gardner


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Published date:
First published 1954-3rd edition 1989

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Algebra, Logarithms, Geometry. Trigonometry, Mensuration, Graphs


Bibliographic Notes

The Board of Trade's Examination for Second Mates now includes a paper entirely devoted to Mathematics. The Merchant Navy Training Board's Mathematics Syllabus for Apprentices and Cadets has rightly set what is, in some respects, a slightly higher standard than the bare requirements for the Second Mates' examination. Contains section of revision test papers.

"I have read Notes and Examples in some detail and consider it a most useful publication and an excellent reference book" - A Navigation Instructor.

"Particularly well written ... very useful not only for our Cadet Courses but for our Correspondence Course" - Head of a Nautical College.