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(Out of Print) - An Introduction to Safety at Sea

By J.W. Bull


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Published date:
2nd edition 1981

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Suggested Replacement:

Brown's Guide to Survival at Sea


This book about the seaworthiness of ships, deals with fundamental principles. It has been written by a marine surveyor of wide experience to fulfil the need for a succinct account of the development of seaworthiness in all branches since the days of sailing ships.

The difficulties of reaching national agreement on marine safety measures during the nineteenth century expansion of British maritime trade are analysed by the author. An account of the subsequent twentieth century phase of international agreements is then given and the contributions made by modern technological progress towards the attainment of high standards of seaworthiness, reliability and safe navigation are mentioned.

Students of the many diverse subjects relating to the building and safe operation of ships will find the book an important source of legal and professional information. The book will also give the-general reader a unique insight into many of the essential aspects of the design and equipment for ships.