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(Out of Print) - Cruising Guide to Anglesey and Menai Strait

By Dr. R. Kemp


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Published date:
First published 1979-reprinted 1988

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Out of Print

This publication is purely a guide for yachts and small craft for cruising round Anglesey and Menai Strait. The contents are as follows:-

  • Chapter 1 Holyhead.
  • Chapter 2 The North Coast.
  • Chapter 3 The East Coast.
  • Chapter 4 Diversion to Conway.
  • Chapter 5 The N. E. End of the Menai Strait.
  • Chapter 6 The Swellies Problem.
  • Chapter 7 The S.W. End of the Menai Strait.
  • Chapter 8 The S.W. Coast.

There are also 23 sketch maps