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(Out of Print) - Hints and Gadgets for Small Craft Owners

By H.G. Williams


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Published date:
First published 1964

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Out of Print

This book is written by an amateur, for amateurs, in the belief that those owners of small craft, who delight in working on their boats themselves, may find some of these hints and tips of value. Much of the material has been published as contributions from me, to Yachts and Yachting under the heading of "Readers Write", but I feel that it would be useful to gather together these ideas, in more permanent form, for easy reference. Since an increasing number of owners these days build their own boats, either "from scratch", or assemble them from kits of parts, this book commences with hints connected with this subject. It then goes on to methods of launching, methods of propulsion, care and maintenance, steering, etc.

All the ideas have been put into practise by the writer (except when otherwise stated), and found to be successful even though some of them may seem rather unorthodox. Whilst I make no pretension to be an expert I can, I think, claim to be practical. What has been useful to me, will no doubt be equally useful to others.


Introduction · Amateur Boat-Building · Tools · Wood-Building · Platform · Turning the Hull · A Simple Dinghy. Launching · Portable Slipway · Single Handed Trolley · Windlass. Alternative Propulsion · Reducing Noise · Mounting-Clamp for Tiller · Waterproof Box · Trolleys · Alternative Stowage in Boat. Sail · Sail Plan · Gunter Lateen · Altering Sails · Sail Jacket · Lee Boards · Making Masts and Spars. Oars · Oar Making · Finishing · Holding Clamp · Spanish Windlass · Length of Oars · Boathook · Paddle. Improving an Existing Boat · Fore Deck · After Deck · Back Rest · Fitting a Cabin · Wheel Steering · Leaks Fenders · Storage for Tools · Sea-gull Scarer. Naming Your Boat · Appying the Name. Flags. Knots (Speed). Letting on Charter. Useful Equipment. Distress Signals. "Do's and Don't's"