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(Out of Print) - Motor Boating for Beginners

By G. Prout


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First published 1931-2nd edition 1973

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Out of Print

An attempt has been made to visualise every difficulty that arises in the mind of the motor-boat owner who is a novice, right from the time when he first contemplates buying a motor-boat to the time when he is proficient enough to take his little craft out for long trips along the coast. In addition to the actual management of the boat under various circumstances, there are chapters on upkeep, care of the engine, repairs, fitting out, painting and varnishing, etc. There is a section on outboard motors, their care, upkeep and management, protection of parts and hints on running-in a new engine. The care of any sort of motor-boat during the winter period is also dealt with; how to protect the hull if wintering in the open, and how to treat the engine if it must remain in the boat, in the open, throughout the winter. From the "Hints on Buying" to the last chapter on "Boat Repairs and Miscellaneous Hints", the book will he found to contain all the practical knowledge the novice requires to enable him to use his boat in safety and to the best advantage. Before even buying a boat a beginner should read this book.