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(Out of Print) - Practical Dredging

By Captain H. R. Cooper


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First published 1958-reprinted 1974

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Out of Print

This book is written for the information of all authorities and individuals interested in dredging. It deals with the subject from a practical viewpoint in all its aspects. Types of dredgers and their functions are explained, as well as how to operate them. Moorings and where to place them to the best advantage, types of moorings, the use of "Spuds" and modern types of dredging craft, are all explained for those who need to build and operate dredgers for the maintenance or development of ports or harbours, as well as for the Masters and men who operate the craft themselves. The book includes - conservancy, soil investigation, communications overhauls and craft maintenance; and, in fact, everything it is necessary to know about the practical side of dredging. The author has had a long and varied experience of harbour operation in all its phases and he was for many years both mate and Master of dredging craft of all types. His present occupation and past experience admirably suit him to this very necessary work of compiling all the information which is available on this vital subject.

Of great importance to anyone connected with the operation or maintenance of docks, ports or harbours; or to those with a direct interest in dredgers or dredging. This is probably the only book of its kind on the market.

There are 118 illustrations, a feature of great value.