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(Out Of Print) - Proficiency in Survival Craft Certificates

By C.H. Wright


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Published date:
First published 1988

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Suggested Replacement:

Brown's Guide to Survival at Sea


Specifically written to help candidates attempting the Department of Trade "Certificate of Proficiency in Survival Craft" the book contains all the necessary information required.

Basic training in sea survival techniques and where and how to apply for examination. The manning of Survival craft, guidelines for launching lifeboats and rescue boats from ships making way, Abandonment by liferaft, the Training manual and muster list, emergency stations, a chapter on survival after abandonment, boatwork under oars and sails, IMO Recommendations for life saving appliances, survival craft and rescue boats. Requirements for ships built both before and after 1st, July 1986. IMO requirements for lifeboats, Class C boats, inflatable boats and liferafts, launching and embarkation appliances Lifeboat and rescue boat engines, hydrostatic release units, Survival craft radio and emergency positioning indicating radio beacons, Distress signals and their uses and First-Aid with particular emphasis on the problem of hypothermia.