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(Out Of Print) - Tanker Handbook for Deck Officers

By Captain C. Baptist


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First published 1954-8th edition 2000

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Manual of Oil Tanker Operations



The immediate success of the Tanker Handbook by Captain Baptist has necessitated a new edition, and the author has taken the opportunity of re-writing the major part of the book and adding a considerable number of new illustrations and diagrams not shown in any other book to extend the field of the publication. It is now possible for Ships' Officers to get a firm grasp of a subject that is constantly developing and tanker types and trades with special types have been included in the new edition. The very latest pumps and pumping equipment are described, and the efficient operation of this gear can be readily followed. There are large diagrams showing tanker elevation and giving trim tables and pipeline layout.



  • Introduction
  • History of Oil Transportation at Sea
  • Pumps and Pumping Equipment
  • Oil Tanker Cargo Systems
  • Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Systems
  • Petroleum Products
  • Gas Freeing and Tank Cleaning
  • Loading Crude Oil
  • Discharging Crude Oil
  • The Carriage of Refined Oils
  • Special Cargoes
  • Oil Tankers in Ballast
  • Miscellaneous Pumping Data.

"No deck officer on a tanker should be without this book" - Institute Of Petroleum Review.