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(Out of Print) - The Docks Regulations 1934 Explained

By C.H. Cotter


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First published 1937-3rd edition 1967

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International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea

The Regulations are applicable to docks, wharves and quays, and to any machinery or plant used in the process of loading, unloading or coaling any ship in any dock, harbour or canal. It is the duty of the master or officer in charge of a ship to comply with certain parts of the regulations. In Section 85, the occupier, owner or manager (say stevedore, ship owner or master in the case of a ship) whose duty it is to comply with the Regulations and fails to do so is liable for each offence to a penalty. In this book the most important requirements, from a seaman's standpoint, are dealt with in summary form, followed by Questions and Answers on those of the Regulations which ordinarily are applicable to ships. At the end of the book will be found a most useful collection of specimen forms, correct in all details, and giving all the information necessary for the Regulations, comprising certificates of test and examination of winches, derricks, cranes, chains, pulleys, wire ropes, etc., etc.

This is a book for use by ship owner, shipmaster, stevedore, etc.