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(Out of Print) - Working in Canvas for Yachtsmen, Cadets and Sea Scouts

By P.W. Blandford


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First published 1965-2nd edition 1981

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Out of Print

Canvas has a great many uses, both ashore and afloat. Although it may be felt to have reached its peak of usefulness in the heyday of sailing ships, it is now used for a greater variety of purposes, by professional and amateur seamen, and by those who seek their livelihood and recreation ashore. The development of synthetic fibres has stimulated interest.

Although sails are rarely found on commercial craft, the man who goes to sea professionally still uses canvas for covers, screens, awnings and similar things. Someone on board needs to know how to make and service these things. Yachtsmen know that sails are used more than ever before. Although most yachtsmen would hesitate to make their own sails, they should be able to carry out repairs and alterations.

This book is an attempt to bring together all the basic information on making things from canvas in the hope that it will be of value to everyone concerned with using this material.