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Phantoms, Legends, Customs & Superstitions of the Sea

By Raymond Lamont-Brown


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First published 1972-2nd edition 1989

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One of the greatest challenges of all time for philosophers and scientists has been the proving or disproving of the existence of ghosts. And, assuming that ghosts do exist, the problem still remains of defining what makes a ghost the entity it is. Raymond Lamont-Brown has made a lifelong study of nautical folklore and occultism and from the first words of his book · 'Ghosts do exist: of this I have no doubt' · his firm belief in the reality of nautical psychic phenomena is shown and is sustained throughout. In his controversial introduction, Raymond Lamont-Brown provides an intriguing explanation of the appearance of ghosts which should impress even the most sceptical of cynics.

As the title of this book suggests, there is more to be found here than a collection of spooky nautical tales from the distant past. As well as giving an account of maritime ghosts that are still in their infancy as far as haunting is concerned, Phantoms, Legends, Customs and Superstitions of the Sea, covers the development of modern-day superstitions amongst sailors all over the world, the way these beliefs grew up with the world's fleets from the days of Ancient Egypt, an occult supplement on the British Royal Navy and many other facets of this mystifying nautical subject.

In this age of men rocketing into outer space, and the breathtaking advances of science, the area of the unknown is steadily diminishing and, for that reason, is becoming more fascinating. The day is nigh when the fifth dimension of ghostly phenomenon will be fully understood and till then, we can curl up with Raymond Lamont-Brown's disturbing book, making sure, of course, that we keep watch for things that go bump in the night!