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Shortening Sail for a Squall

By Chas Pears


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Published date:
First Published 1920

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Shortening Sail for a Squall


The ship has the wind on the quarter and is working south to round the Horn. She has had light winds, the crew is worn with trimming the yards to gather the little draughts which come from all directions, then the clear sky becomes cloudy, and rain drops hit the deck like lumps of fat. A hard blow is coming and shortening sail is the essential thing. The ship is shown in good light against a background if dirty weather sky and a wind-torn sea coming up towards her, already the fore upper top gallant sail is threshing hard and curses are shouted from the deck below at the spent wretches on the yard as the ship is ploughing ahead.

Size of actual picture 444x292 mm; with mount 610 x 457 mm.

This picture displayed has been cropped slightly