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The Collision Regulations Fully Explained (amended 2009)

By Captain P. Wailwood


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First published 1983-third edition revised 2004

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This third revised edition of this book incorporates all amendments in force on the 29th November, 2003 to the international Regulations for Preventing Collision at Sea 1972. This IMO regulation became law for all United Kingdom registered vessels and other vessels within United Kingdom territorial waters on the 1st May 1996, as the Merchant Shipping  (Distress Signals and Prevention of Collisions) Regulations 1996.Merchant Shipping Notice M. 1642 was published in 1996 containing the amended regulations.
A number of notices have been included in this book, in order to clarify various points officially. It is pointed out that these notices are synonymous with the Rules, Regulations and Recomrnendations of IMO and other Maritime Authorities. Therefore the reader should pay the same heed to them as he would pay to the Rules, Regulations and Recommendations of the country under whose flag he sails.

Ninety per cent of collisions at sea grow out of careless disregard for the Rules, or out of plain ignorance of them or of their meaning. A man who will not study the rules and understand their meaning and keep on refreshing his memory, will find no short cut method to help him out.
This book will provide clear practical guidance to any seafarer preparing for examination for a watchkeeping certificate of competency. It will prove a valuable companion for those at sea wishing to refresh their knowledge and understanding of the Rules.
M, MSN and MGN Notices are continuously being updated. The reader should check occasionally that the 
ones printed are the latest editions. You can check this at the following web site:-