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Thomas' Stowage, 10th Edition *** NEW - January 2024 ***

By Originally by Captain R.E. Thomas, Revised by Captain G.M. Pepper


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1st Edition published 1983 - 10th Edition January 2024

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NEW - 10th Edition, January 2024

We are pleased to announce that this book is available in a digital format from the following suppliers:

Bogerd Martin : Chart Track NavReader 

Marine Society & Sea Cadets : MS SeaReader

Navtor Nautic : Navstation

StormGeo : s-Planner | Publications

Todd Navigation : SeaReader

Weilbach : WENDIS SeaReader


For Ship Officers, Terminal Mangers and Container Packers

Merging of major operators continues to produce economies of scale but to maintain market share each operator needs to ensure that cargoes are carried safely and are delivered in prime condition. Thus, the principles of stowage written by Captain R.E. Thomas nearly 100 years ago are still as relevant today as they were then in ensuring a satisfactory outturn.  Thomas’ Stowage has always endeavoured to make that task simpler for the ship’s officer and, in recent years, the terminal manager and container packer.

As with previous editions of Stowage, revisions will be found in all parts of the book. Part 2 has revised and / or expanded sections while Parts 3A and 3B contain both new commodities and revisions of others. Similarly, there are additions to Appendix 5 (Solid Bulk Cargoes Which May Liquefy or Have Hazardous Properties) and Appendix 8 (A Glossary of Cargo Handling and Shipping Terms).

The value of Thomas’ Stowage continues to lie in being able to draw on the wisdom and experience of colleagues, experts, contacts, organisations and friends to ensure that the information contained in the book reflects current knowledge and good practice.