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Transatlantic Paddle Steamers

By H. Philip Spratt


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First published 1951-2nd edition revised 1967

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This volume covers the whole era of paddle-wheel propulsion on the Atlantic, a phase of technical history to which Mr. Spratt has devoted much original and painstaking research. From the famous American Savannah of 1818 to the last Cunard paddle steamer Scotia of 1861 and the last French Line paddle steamers to be built for transatlantic service.

In all, some 32 famous vessels are described in considerable detail. The volume is well illustrated with nine plates reproduced from contemporary prints and models in the national collection at the Science Museum, London. The appendix include four tables of historical and technical data on all the vessels described, their machinery and service

"Mr. Spratt's commentary is illustrated by photographs of models and the principal particulars of the vessels treated are usefully compressed into folding tables at the end of the book" ...Lloyd's List