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(Out Of Print) - Guide to the Merchant Navy

By C.H. Milsom


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First published 1968

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In writing this guide I have endeavoured to show the seafarer or potential seafarer something of the industry in which he is engaged or contemplating engagement, through the medium of the numerous organisations which are ancillary to it. Ancillary because, apart perhaps from Trinity House, they are not essential to the business of getting a ship from port to port; rather do they safeguard the individual seafarer's life and health, cater for his mental, spiritual and material welfare, and care for him and his dependants in time of need. Knowledge of these organisations is also not essential to the efficient running of a ship, although the master must be familiar with the working of some of them; but with knowledge comes appreciation of the vast structure, much of it voluntary, which exists to care, in one way or another, for the British seamen.