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(Out of Print) - Modern Chartwork

By Capt W.H. Squair


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Published date:
First published 1923-6th edition 1992

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Suggested Replacements:

An Introduction to Charts and Their Use

Nicholls Concise Guide Vol 1

Nicholls Concise Guide Vol 2

Practical Navigation for Officers of the Watch


The revision of this work has been of a comprehensive nature. New matter is included and existing text updated as necessary.

Mercator's and Gnomonic Projections are explained and the use of each illustrated. Information shown on charts and relevant abbreviations used are explained.

Basic geographical directions are expanded into courses and bearings as laid-down and taken-off in chartwork.

The standard type of chart-use is explained through coastal navigation to ocean passage navigation.

The tremendous assistance of modern electronic-type navigation, including navigation using satellites, is described at some length.

The traditional skills of hands-on working on a coastal chart is, of necessity, given prominence in the book. A considerable number of worked examples are followed by similar examples for exercise.

A copy of abbreviations likely to be found on charts is included.