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Anchor Liner "Circassia" - Profile Section, End Elevations and Plan of 'A' Deck

By Harold A. Underhill, A.M.I.E.S.


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Plan: 930

Scale: ⅟₁₆” = 1’0” or full size for a 31½” model

This set is one of the most fully detailed Liner plans yet produced and includes all information necessary for the construction of a perfect scale model up to "Builders' Model" standard.

Separate working drawings of all davits, winches, capstans, etc., are included together with separate details of each mast with its fittings and rigging. Alternative Lines Drawings are available, one for scale showcase models, and the other with increased displacement for working models.

Plans in this series: 930  931  932  933  934

Construction help: Plank-On-Frame Models Vol I  Plank-On-Frame Models Vol II

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