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114ft Streamlined Tug - 3/8" - Lines Drawing

By Harold A. Underhill, A.M.I.E.S.


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Plan: 1183

Scale: ³⁄₈”

Length 43“ and displacement is 31.1lbs.

This vessel has many advantages as a working model, being low in build and therefore easy to transport, while the absence of the normal mast and rigging allows the superstructure to be made removable as a complete unit with nothing to be disconnected. It is a beautifully proportioned modern design. The hull lines are fine for this type of craft, which results in great flare at bow and stern in spite of the high beam-length ratio which is feature of all lugs.

The plans are very fully detailed - up to the exhibition standard - including all fittings on the arrangement drawing, with separate plans of each of the detail sheet as well as cross-sectional elevations of superstructure at several points along the hull.

Plans in this series: 1183  1184  1185

Alternative ¼“ scale: 1186  1187  1188

Construction help: Plank-On-Frame Models Vol I  Plank-On-Frame Models Vol II

Catalogues: Sailing Ships  Powered Craft


White print no.: 1183