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12-Gun Brig-Of-War - General Arrangement, Elevation, Sections, Details

By Harold A. Underhill, A.M.I.E.S.


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Plan: 778

Scale: 1/4" = 1'0"

Pictures: With thanks to Frank Trowell for his permission to feature his model (nb, built to scale 1:48, 31.5inches long).

In the days of the sailing man-of-war the gun brig, like her modern counterpart the destroyer, was “Maid of all work” to the fleet, running dispatches, scouting, convoy work etc.  She also played a very important part in stamping out the slave traffic.

These plans fully detail one of these interesting little ships, and in selecting a prototype I have chosen one of normal lines in preference to the more extreme experimental classes such as the Symondites.  She carries a battery of eight 32 pounder carronades and four short (25 cwt.) 32 pounder guns.

A number of these brigs remained in commission in the Royal Navy well into the twentieth century, serving as sea-going sail training ships, and perhaps the best remembered were HM Briggs MartinSeaflowerSealarkPilotNautilus and Liberty.

In preparing these drawings I had in mind those wishing to build a model equal in standard to the old Dockyard Models, and with that end in view have gone very fully into all details.  The scale is 1/4” – 1’0” and producing a hull 31 ½” O.A.  The full set – the sheets run to 40x27” in size – is advisable if super detail is intended, but sheets 777, 778 and 779 contain all information necessary for completing an average model.

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