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The Last of the Windjammers (Volume 1)

By Basil Lubbock


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Published date:
First published 1927

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The book was planned to take in every Sailing Ship of any note from the year of the opening of the Suez Canal to the present day, but in practice vessels of a very much earlier date have often been included, especially when sketching the early history of shipping firms.

Volume 1 is divided into three parts.

Part I deals with the life and personnel in Sail, with a chapter on the History of Cape Horn.

Part II is devoted to the vessels in the big Sailing Ship Trades, such as the Jute Clippers and Grain Carriers.

Part III is devoted entirely to the Small Fry - Swansea Copper-ore-men, Clipper Barques in the South and West African Trades, Intercolonial and South Sea Traders, Fruit Schooners and Fish Carriers.

The illustrations and plans, which are very numerous, have been carefully selected and are intended to provide a pictorial record of the last seventy years of the now almost extinct Windjammer.

Never before have so many particulars of voyages, incidents and names been included in one book. It is a simple seamanlike narrative, told in Mr. Lubbock's inimitable style beloved by seafarers and relished by those who love the sea and its traditions.

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