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Deep-Water Sail

By Harold A. Underhill


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Published date:
First published 1952-2nd edition 1963

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A book for all students of sail and lovers of the windjammer, dealing with the sailing ship of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The types covered range from the small craft of Tasmania to the Bluenose ships of Canada, from the "Onker" barques and barquentines of the Baltic to the schooners of the Pacific Islands; "Country Wallahs" of the Indian Ocean and schooners of the Levant.

Among the many sets of plans providelans provided are such ships as the little Tasmanian clipper Harriet McGregor. The Blackwall frigate True Briton, the composite clipper Torrens and famous iron clippers. The big ships are represented by the beautiful Queen Margaret, the five-master France, the four-master Kommodore Johnsen and the well-known grain ship Parma.

Size 248X178 mm. 387 pages. Over 200 illustrations and 28 folding plates.


  • Introduction
  • Development and Design
  • Small Fore-and-Afters
  • Topsail Schooners and Small Barquentines
  • Brigs, Brigantines and Snows
  • Barquentines and Small Barques
  • Ships
  • The Big Full-Rigger
  • Big Barques and Barquentines
  • Big Schooners and Wood Barquentines
  • Oddities
  • Deck Fittings and Details

"I think it is one of the finest books I have ever purhased on old-time sailing craft".-Dempsey E. Forsythe, Baltimore, U.S.A.

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