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The Nitrate Clippers

By Basil Lubbock


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Published date:
First published 1932

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The feats of the great German "P" boats of F. Laeisz and their French rivals, the checker-sided nitrate barques of Ant. Dom Bordes, are well worthy of preservation in the archives of the sea.

The contents may come as a surprise to the patriotic Briton who is under the comfortable delusion that his own countrymen are alone able to build ships and run them as they ought to be run.

The illustrations have been collected with some difficulty: especially is this the case with those showing the West Coast ports in the day of the windjammer.

In the appendix will be found the abstract logs of two of the best passages, one out and one home, made by the five-masters, Potosi and Preussen, worthily named The Pride of Prussia.

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